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Interview with Ellen Langer

Edwina Griffin | 19 Apr, 2023 | 0 Comments | Return|

The idea that perceptions can be manipulated by expectations" is fundamental to the study of cognition,” according to Michael I. Posner, an emeritus professor of neuroscience at the University of Oregan. In my experience, positive suggestion in hypnotherapy can help to introduce new possibilities and belief systems to expand our perceptions and potentials.

When our brain senses something, raw sensory data is carried to a part of our brain that creates a comprehensible, conscious impression, so the data is moving from the bottom to the top. A Harvard study showed that the number of nerve fibres carrying information down involved 10 times as many nerve fibres. What this feedback circuit means is that what people see, hear, feel and believe is top down processing.. What you see is not always what you get as what you see depends on the framework built by experience which interprets the raw information. “ Top-down processes override sensory, or bottom-up information, “said Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn, a neuroscientist at Harvard

This top-down processing supports the ‘placebo effect’, positive talk therapy and meditation as the beliefs support the results. This brain structure also explains the success of hypnosis where positive suggestions overcome reality. (“This is your Brain Under Hypnosis,” Sandra Blakeslee, New York Times, November 22, 2005).

Hypnosis provides several processes to release emotions held in the cells in the body and to re-program the mind. Eddie then provides exercises at home to support these sessions and enable changes in behaviour.

Up to the age of 12, before top-down circuits mature, 80-85% of children are highly hypnotizable states Dr David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at Stanford.

The role for meditation and hypnosis to affect the quantum field is the ability to focus on one thing for long enough for the observer to then collapse it into our reality in the field. Hypnosis provides several processes to release emotions held in the cells in the body and to re-program the mind. Eddie then provides exercises at home to support the new patterns and enable long-term changes in behaviour.

The concept of neuroplasticity is discussed in Norman Doidge’ s Book “ The Brain that Changes Itself” As he states in the book, “neuronets that fire together wire together” and once certain neural pathways have been established, the brain develops more neuronets around this thought process and may also find more-efficient ways to produce the same result. Soon accessing one situation will automatically cause the emotion associated with it. This is where hypnotherapy and positive reframes of situations can set positive anchors and enable new neural pathways to support a positive, new direction in someone’s life.

Eddie’s hypnosis sessions deal with addictions, problems with sleep, fatigue, health, relationships, depression and anxiety.


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