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Edwina Griffin's programs include wellness, dispute resolution, communication and emotional intelligence programs and retreats suited to the workplace and individuals.


Corporate Support

Providing tools, courses and services to assist with balance, better health, communication and improved performance.

Staff Training & Offsite Retreats

Workplace solutions to create healthy workplace culture including improved staff engagement and communication and workplace disputes.

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Workplace Mediation

Edwina has specialised in workplace mediations for 8 years for both compensation claims and non-compensation workplace disputes. Edwina nationally accredited with the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).

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Keynote speaking

Edwina offers keynotes on Resilience and Conflict Resolution. Eddy combines a combination of facts, practise, storytelling and personal experiences to engage her audiences with an interactive, high-energy session.

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Edwina is passionate about retreats, and the positive shifts that occur when we get away from our daily routines, connect with nature, other people and ourselves. 

Edwina’s retreats are an opportunity to reset, to let go of what doesn’t serve, create healthy habits , learn new healing tools and set new intentions

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Mind Fitness using virtual reality

AtOne uses virtual reality technology to target stress and anxiety . 

AtOne uses immersive, virtual environments and guided visualisations to take people into a relaxed space, faster or to prepare them for high stress situations. AtOne measures and tracks 5 areas of mind fitness with weekly mind fitness reports.

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Healing, Hypnotherapy & Psychic Readings

Edwina has been a clinical hypnotherapist since 2008 and has been communicating with spirit since she had an awakening experience during a meditation in 2005. Her individual sessions are tailored to an individual’s needs and Edwina assists to shift physical, emotional and mental blocks and to reconnect and remind us of our spiritual path and soul calling.

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Experience AtOne- Australia’s first virtual reality programs to target stress and anxiety and build the performance of your teams. 

AtOne uses immersive virtual reality experiences to take people into a relaxed state faster and to prepare them for stressful situations.

Mind Fitness
has a new reality

Empower your people to perform at their peak health and performance every day with our Virtual Reality based AtOneApp.

At One App


Through Self Empowerment
Workshops and Retreats

Our corporate programs include one and two day workshop programs in leadership and communication or our corporate wellness retreat program for 1 or 2 days to de-stress and re-set.

Your Energy Evolution with Edwina Griffin provides workplace solutions with tailored programs, trainings and services. Assist staff gain better health, personal awareness and communication skills to build and maintain a positive culture with conscious leadership and an engaged, high performing team.

Edwina also offers services and trainings in workplace mediation and negotiation.


Personal Health & Performance

Edwina believes the key to optimum health and high performance is achieved working to balance and strengthen your body, mind and soul connection. Eddy works with individuals in these three areas with one-on-one sessions and in her health and healing retreats.


Edwina has worked with her brands Fitwomen, Fitmen and Fitmum since 1995 and has worked in national programs and training roles for large fitness chains such as Fernwood Fitness and Jetts Fitness. Eddy offers Fitmum accreditation programs for personal trainers on pregnancy and post-natal fitness, she consults to franchise groups training staff and designing women’s programs and she coaches individuals for their own fitness programs.

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Edwina has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and meditation teacher since 2008 and she has helped people to quit smoking, stop drinking, improve sleep, and move back into alignment with their soul purpose. 

 She offers sessions in clinical hypnotherapy, meditation & stress management, breathwork, psychic readings and holistic coaching/counselling. Edwina’s work assists with shifting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks moving clients towards vitality, wisdom and fulfilment.

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Eddy’s kundalini awakening during a meditation in 2005 shifted her perspective on the world and opened up her abilities to work with spirit as a Medium and healer. Eddy offers healing sessions, psychic readings and holistic coaching/counselling sessions. Edwina’s soul sessions incorporate her work since 2008 with SOTEMS and the Australian Dreaming Project, Sound healing, Breathwork, Clinical Hypnotherapy and messages from spirit and Pleiadeans.

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