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Train The Body and Mind

Edwina’s approach to health and peak performance is based on the interconnection of body, mind and soul. Her work assists with shifting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks and transmuting to vitality, wisdom, love and empowerment. Eddy shares tools and techniques to train the body and mind for vitality and ascension, with the skills to communicate well with others and live a connected life.  

Edwina draws on her knowledge and experience to release patterns and energies that are holding you back, resulting in increased energy and greater clarity.  Enabling you to recognise and live a life which is in alignment to your soul purpose.

Eddie offers group sessions in sound healing, meditation and physical fitness. She offers one-on-one sessions in Clinical Hypnotherapy, sound healing, holistic coaching, psychic readings, Shamanic healings and personal training. Sessions are available in person or via Zoom.

Edwina is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, breathwork facilitator, TRE practitioner, meditation facilitator, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Sound Healer, Medium and personal trainer.

As a format for exploring some of these tools and techniques, Edwina is passionate about retreats, having seen the shifts that occur when we get away from our daily routines, connect with nature, other people and ourselves. 

An amazing opportunity to reset, to let go of what doesn’t serve, create healthy habits, learn new healing tools and set new intentions.  Edwina invites you to find out more about about her next retreat.

Next Retreat

May 18-21 the Health and Healing Retreat

Snowy Mountains

Stay on a 1,000 acre property in the Snowy Mountains combining Healing, Health and Connection

  • Learn about your gut health and how to increase your energy through nutrition
  • Enjoy indigenous flavours eating food from an aboriginal earth oven
  • Learn how to meditate and simple tools to manage stress
  • Experience and learn healing through sound, hypnosis, individual energy healings and light

  • Set new intentions for your life goals and re-set your potential
  • Establish a healthy routine with morning workouts, yoga and meditation
  • Learn about the Australian Dreaming Wheel and how to use it for healing
  • Relax in this beautiful location with a weekend just for you connecting with like-minded women
  • Enjoy sound healings with didgeridoo, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, gongs etc..


Buy them a Gift Voucher that they can redeem with any Edwina Griffin session or retreat?

Do you have a friend or loved one who would love some time out for themselves? They can choose from any service, whether it is a retreat, a healing session, a psychic reading, hypnotherapy or a new fitness program. What could be a better gift than a Gift Voucher that they can redeem on whatever they choose?

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for personal development and peak performance:


  • Feel the positive impact of escaping your daily routine and stresses
  • Connect with nature and relax in this beautiful location
  • Learn new healing tools and set new intentions
  • Reset, let go of what doesn't serve and create healthy habits.


    • Enjoy increased vitality and fitness with Personal or Group Training Sessions
    • Learn gentle exercises to help release trauma from the body
    • Starting with the foundations of all- correct breathing-learn breathwork, exercise, yoga and meditation to re-set the body.


  •  Shift your mindset learning the science and techniques for breathwork, meditation and hypnosis
  • Establish a healthy routine with Morning workouts, yoga and meditation
  • Relax in this beautiful location and enjoy a therapeutic massage


  • Immerse yourself and explore a range of alternative therapies tailored to your individual needs, including:
  • Sound and light healings
  • Light language activations
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Relax in this beautiful location and enjoy a therapeutic massage

    About Edwina

    Edwina Griffin is a health and high performance expert with over 20 years experience in health and healing specialising in the interconnection of body, mind and spirit. Edwina’s interest in the mind-body connection began at the age of 16 when she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeping 22 hours per day for 4 months. She recovered from chronic fatigue and competed again to qualify for the World Junior Athletics Squad. Eddy is passionate about her mind-body techniques having recovered from a back injury and a period of depression and strengthened to compete in half iron man events, climb mountains and paraglide at various locations around the world.

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