Corporate Workshops & Retreats

Corporate Workshops & Retreats


Create Optimum Health and Performance

Our Fit Executives Programs include workshops and off-site retreats

Excel Emotional Intelligence Program

  •   Duration: ½ day or full day
  •  Location: Onsite or virtual


Negotiate - Communication & Dispute Resolution in the workplace

    • Duration: ½ day or full day
      Location: Onsite or virtual


Focus - Stress Relief,                     Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Duration: ½ day or full day
      Location: Onsite or virtual


VITAL - Wheel Of Health

    •  Duration: ½ day or full day
       Location: Onsite


Soar - Resilience

    • Duration: ½ day or full day
      Location: Onsite


Thrive - Busines s Leadership Bootcamp

    • Duration: 1 day or 2 days
      Location: Onsite



Assessment and Workshop

Research shows emotional intelligence accounts for nearly 90% of what sets high performers apart. Several studies have also shown that emotional intelligence is related to well-being, anxiety, depression, bullying, leadership and academic success.

All people experience emotions but research shows that only 36% of people can identify emotions when they occur.


This program includes Genos International Emotional Intelligence Assessments that are based on the research from Swinburne University Department of Neuropsychology (Learn More Here)

The assessments include 180 or 360 workplace assessments for individuals or teams in any role and/or leadership assessments for front line managers to CEOs. After the assessment, participants are then given a one-on-one coaching session with an accredited Genos-certified practitioner (Edwina or one of her team) to discuss the results and action steps to take for self-improvement as a team member and/or leader. (Anonymised results can also be discussed as a team workshop). A follow up coaching session is then held 4 weeks and 8 weeks later.

Workshop (½ day or 1 day workshop)

This workshop helps to develop the set of skills that help team members better perceive, understand and manage emotions in themselves and in others.

Emotional intelligence assessments are used by organisations to improve staff communication, engagement, sales performance, customer service and productivity.


Wheel of Health

This wellness program enables employees to embody a healthy ritual for body and mind. These programs provide staff with the foundations to establish their own toolkit of knowledge and practical application. The content will be tailored to the needs of the team. Your team will learn & experience stress management strategies, healthy recipes and nutrition guidelines, sleep solutions, posture & breathwork, exercise program design & yoga practices.

On completion of the one day program, staff continue their wellness practices with 6 weeks of follow-up resources (email content & videos) to reinforce what was learnt on the workshop.


Stress Relief and Mind Fitness

High levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace require strategies to reduce cortisol and improve levels of mental health in the workplace. Mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress, boost productivity, focus and strengthen relationships. It can also assist with managing depression, anxiety, addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

The average person’s mind wanders 49.6% of the time which suggests the challenges in holding focused meetings and engaging staff. Mindfulness promotes self-awareness which is seen as the most important quality for leaders.

This workshop gives your team an opportunity to experience many of the strategies to help relieve stress. This will be tailored to the organisation’s needs and may include meditations, breathwork, TRE(trauma release exercises), sound healing sessions, hypnotherapy and/or a combination of all .

On completion of the one-day program, 4 weeks of follow-up resources(email content & videos)will be provided to reinforce what was learnt on the workshop.


Communication and Conflict Management

Workplace conflicts costs organisations money in lost productivity, sick leave and disengagement.

87% of people are disengaged in their workplace and 1 in 5 workers take time off for mental health each year. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure the workplace is psychologically safe and this workshop is designed to improve communication amongst team members and to assist managers with having difficult conversations and managing disputes.

On completion of the one-day program, 4 weeks of follow-up resources(email content & videos)will be provided to reinforce what was learnt on the workshop.


Stress to Resilience

This half day workshop includes practical tools and strategies to implement when feeling stressed. This program has 2 possible formats:

1. Stress to Resilience Keynote & virtual reality meditation/mind training experience for staff members over 2 hours ( 3 hours total)

2. Content of key takeaways from the stress to resilience keynote applied to a practical workshop, tailored to your organisation. This workshop may include content on recognising stress, strategies to manage stress and build long-term resilience.

( 3 hours total)

On completion of the one-day program, 4 weeks of follow-up resources(email content & videos)will be provided to reinforce what was learnt on the workshop.


Business Leadership Program

Our leadership program looks at what is expected of a modern leader and what it takes to become a highly effective leader. During the program you will acquire a set of tools and skills that help you lead a team. It includes:

Emotional intelligence assessment & understanding of your EQ report
Defining individual purpose
Aligning leadership and purpose
Defining your leadership style
Exploring behavioural styles ( option of DISC Profiling)
Employee engagement-leading self and others
Managing well-being-aligning body, mind and soul
Change Management
Strategies for Success

To enquire about the needs of your team and join one of our corporate workshops or retreats, enquire here or call us!


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