About Edwina


About Edwina

Edwina Griffin is a health and high performance expert with over 20 years experience working in health and human performance. Eddy specialises in the interconnection and balance of body, mind and soul for the benefit of the individual and for the culture and performance of an organisation. She is also passionate about communication and dispute resolution as a nationally accredited mediator and negotiator. Her programs include wellness, dispute resolution & communication and emotion intelligence programs in the workplace and healing retreats and programs for individuals.

Edwina's work has evolved from her own journey and discovery. Her interest in the mind-body connection began at the age of 16 when she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeping 22 hours per day for 4 months. She has experienced the benefits of her practices and techniques recovering from chronic fatigue to compete again and qualify for the World Junior Athletics Squad.

Edwina started her Fitwomen and Fitmum brands in 1995 and expanded into Fitmen, Adventurewomen, Your Negotiator and her over-arching brand Your Energy Evolution which encompasses all approaches. Her holistic Fitwomen centre ran for 18 years which she built to a team of 15 offering personal training, small group training, boot camps, yoga, Zumba, Pilates, acupuncture, massage, meditation and energy work. She won several business awards and won NSW Fitness Professional of the Year in 2010 in the Australian Fitness Industry Awards. Eddie continues to be a member of the Fitness Australia Council.

Edwina has been the health and fitness expert for radio, TV and magazines including Women’s Health, Body and Soul, Nature and Health and has designed programs and trained fitness professionals nationally for brands such as Fernwood and Jetts Fitness. She accredits personal trainers nationally with her Fitmum® pregnancy and post-natal fitness program and consults with both state and local governments to get adults and teenagers active. She runs healing retreats in Queensland and NSW sharing tools and techniques for better health and performance.

Edwina has spoken as at international conferences and summits in USA, UK and throughout Australia and has regularly been the health & fitness expert on Sydney radio(Vega, Smooth FM) and for Nature & Health ( 2005-2010) and Women’s Health magazine from 2006-2012. Edwina has hosted her own radio show “the Health & Happiness Show” on Untangled FM based in London.

Edwina continued to learn new approaches from life experiences with the removal of a lump in her breast and a back injury where she was unable to walk without pain, she then built herself up to compete in half iron man and triathlon events, climb mountains and paraglide at various locations in the world. A period of depression after a relationship breakdown saw her expand into meditation and soul work with her Kundalini awakening in 2005. This resulted in further study on the mind, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, negotiation, shamanic practice, sound healing and metaphysics.

Edwina's work in national operations, training and sales roles for franchise groups, not-for-profit organisations, government and corporate consulting established her desire for further study at university expanding her skills in conflict resolution, communication and staff engagement. Edwina ran negotiations and mediations in franchise organisations and continues to run mediations privately and for the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner specialising in workplace mediations, small business, franchise and trademark disputes.

After collapsing in a workplace from a toxic work environment in 2012, Eddy became passionate about improving workplace cultures. She does this through her workplace mediation services and staff training and keynotes.

Edwina lived in Noosa from 2015-2017 running healing retreats and working with local and state governments training and speaking on fitness, health and consulting in community consultation, leadership training and mediation.

In 2016, Edwina was engaged by leading technology entrepreneur Dale Beaumont to write, produce and present a 12 part TV show called Stress Relief for business owners. In the series, Edwina gave practical tips and mind-body techniques for managing stress, sleep, emotions and energy. She speaks nationally and internationally on stress management and the mind body connection and runs programs on mindfulness, health and leadership.

In 2019, Eddy was inspired to develop AtOne to support mental health and enhance the performance of individuals and teams. The AtOne virtual reality app that targets anxiety and stress and builds mind fitness. AtOne launched in 2020 and it continues to help organisations and sporting teams both nationally and internationally.

Eddy now bases herself down near Jindabyne with her dog Teya and 30 odd pet alpacas. She works between Berridale and Sydney with AtOne and her corporate mediation and training. Eddy’s annual healing retreats are held on the property and they include practical application of her life’s work on the interconnection of mind-body-soul.


  • Masters in Negotiation (ACU – current)     
  • National Mediation Accreditation
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (UNSW)     
  • Grad. Certificate in Negotiation (ACU)     
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment     
  • Geos International Certified Practitioner (emotional intelligence programs)     
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy     
  • Diploma in Sound Healing     
  • Diploma in Energy Healing     
  • Advanced Diploma in Shamanic Practice     
  • Certified Breathwork Instructor     
  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • CHEK practitioner Level 1 (CHEK-Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist)
  • Health & Lifestyle Coach Level 2     
  • Pilates Matwork certification     
  • NLP Master Trainer     
  • Medical Intuition Certification     
  • Meditation Facilitation Certification

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